Top winter driving tips to keep you and your car safe

Driving in winter can be overwhelming, especially when the road conditions are wet or icy. Winter weather can increase the risk of accidents. It’s important to be extra careful on the roads during winter. Read on as Bidvest Insurance discusses the top winter driving tips to keep you driving safe.

The importance of winter driving safety

Driving in winter weather can be challenging. Factors like rain, snow, icy roads and fog can make the roads difficult to navigate. When you’re on the road this winter, make sure you take extra precautions. By practising safe driving habits you can ensure that you and your car are safe on the roads. Here are some winter driving tips to get you to your destination safely:

Check your tyres

It’s essential to have good quality tyres on your car, especially during winter. Ensure that your tyres are inflated to the recommended level and have enough tread depth. If your tyres are worn or old, you won’t have enough grip to keep you safe on the roads.

Avoid distractions

During winter, the roads can be treacherous. A minor distraction could cause an accident. Avoid using your phone, eating, or doing anything that can take your eyes off the road. Rather concentrate on driving and stay alert at all times. You can check your phone or eat when you stop for lunch.

Don’t use cruise control

Don’t use cruise control when driving on wet or icy roads. This will give you better control of your car and help you avoid accidents.

Avoid sudden braking

Braking suddenly on wet or icy roads can cause your car to skid out of control. Always brake gently and gradually. This way, you can keep yourself, your passengers and your car safe.

Adjust your speed and following distance

Adjusting your speed and following distance is crucial for winter driving safety. If the roads are wet or icy, it takes longer for your car to stop, this means you should reduce your speed. Under normal circumstances, you should stay at least two seconds behind the car in front of you. In winter  conditions, this distance should be increased to at least four seconds. Adjusting your speed and following distance will reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Be aware of other drivers

Not all drivers practise good driving habits during winter weather. Always be aware of other drivers around you and give them plenty of space. This way you can give yourself more time to react and prevent an accident.

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