Get Tyre and Rim Insurance for Your Car.

From as little as R95 per month, you can protect your car from some of the dangers you’ll find on South African roads.

Your tyres and rims are vulnerable to the conditions of South African roads. Think of the potholes, cracks and other debris you see everyday on the road. Tyre and Rim Insurance protects your wheels from damage caused by road hazards. 

You don’t want to claim from your Comprehensive Insurance policy. You certainly don’t want to bash your budget by paying for these types of repairs out-of-pocket.  

With our Tyre and Rim Insurance, you won’t need to break the bank with unforeseen expenses.

Our Tyre and Rim Insurance policy highlights include:

  • Cover for replacement tyres.
  • Specified rim repairs.
  • Wheel alignment.
  • Wheel balancing.
  • Unlimited puncture repairs.
  • Month-to-month cover.

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What does Tyre and Rim Insurance cover?

Tyre and Rim Insurance is a necessary purchase for every car owner. With all the hazards on South African roads, you’ll want to ensure your Tyres and Rims are covered. With Tyre and Rim Insurance from Bidvest Insurance, you’re covered for:


Repairable Damage: Where the tyre is repairable, we pay* for the cost of repairs. 

Irreparable Damage: Where the damage is irreparable, we pay* for the replacement of the tyre. 

* Policy limits apply.

Cover For Your Pocket

We have multiple cover options for different tyre prices. You can get cover for up to R4,000 per tyre.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment

After 12 months, we pay for the balancing and alignment of your wheels. This is regardless of whether you have claimed or not.

Tyre Maintenance Inspection

After 6 months, we pay for a Tyre Maintenance Inspection to assess your tyres.

Unlimited Puncture Repairs

You enjoy the benefits of having unlimited puncture repairs.


Should your rim also have damage, we pay up to R750 towards the repair or replacement.

Why do I need Tyre and Rim Insurance?

Tyre and Rim Insurance protects your wheels from potholes and other road hazards.

Every single day your car’s tyres and rims are exposed to the dangers of South African roads. You don’t want to break your budget because you didn’t see that pothole on your way to work.

No matter how well you drive, you’re likely to experience some sort of damage to your tyres and rims. Avoiding unexpected and expensive repair bills is easy with Tyre and Rim Insurance.

Bidvest Insurance Tyre Angel

Frequently Asked Questions

Category: Tyre Angel

Tyre Angel has you covered should you suffer accidental damage to your tyres and rims.

Category: Tyre Angel
  • Tyre and Rim cover
  • All replacement tyres fitted to the vehicle covered
  • Wheel alignment included with tyre replacement claims
  • Wheel balancing is included with each claim
  • Unlimited puncture repairs
  • Repairs to rims are also included
  • Month to month cover
  • Multiple cover options for different tyre price brands
Category: Tyre Angel

Even if you’re a careful driver, vehicle tyres and rims are exposed to countless hazards – potholes, cracks and debris in the road – every time you drive.

Category: Tyre Angel

The reality is that the roads we travel on daily are not always in the best condition and suffering tyre damage could happen at any time and needs to be dealt with immediately. With Tyre Angel these unexpected expenses are covered.

Customer Testimonials

Mr Mbonani was travelling on the R568 towards Kameelpoort in very heavy rain when the incident happened and gave him a jolt! He wasn’t sure what he had hit due to the heavy rain, but after assessing the damage to the two left-hand side tyres, he realised he must have hit a dreaded hidden pothole.

“I knew I had damaged my tyres but I wasn’t too worried because I remembered I had taken out a tyre policy and felt very relieved in this knowledge. I would definitely recommend this product as I feel it was good value for money.”

S Mbonani

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