IT Helpline: a Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue benefit

We at Bidvest Insurance are proud to offer a cyber insurance product that brings you a wide range of personal benefits, like an IT Helpline at your fingertips. Most cyber insurance policies only cover your employer’s or your business devices. This leaves you exposed and vulnerable if you use your personal devices to shop or bank online, among other things.

What is the IT Helpline?

The Bidvest Insurance IT Helpline is a benefit that’s available to all our Cyber Rescue customers. If you have Cyber Rescue and you pay your premiums on time every month, you get unlimited access to help and support with a wide range of IT-related issues.

How does the Bidvest Insurance IT Helpline work?

The IT Helpline is available to Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue customers between 8am and 5pm every Monday to Friday. It’s a telephonic service, so you can dial in during the operational hours, and get the support you need with a wide range of IT-related issues.

What kind of help do you get from the IT Helpline?

Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue customers can dial the IT Helpline to ask for assistance with the following IT-related issues:

  • General troubleshooting
  • Changing basic settings
  • Diagnosing personal device issues
  • Updating drivers
  • Operating system updates
  • Resetting personal devices
  • Antivirus software activation, updates and renewals

What’s general troubleshooting?

To troubleshoot means to approach a problem in an orderly way. Usually the kind of problems that require troubleshooting are related to equipment like your personal computer or smartphone. Troubleshooting is a systematic way of finding then addressing bugs and issues.

What basic settings will the IT Helpline assist with?

If you’re a Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue customer, you can call our IT Helpline to ask for help with basic settings. This includes your device display settings and other items inside your control panel or settings section.

Can you get help with diagnosing device problems?

Yes. Part of the support you’ll receive from our IT Helpline includes support and guidance for diagnosing problems with your covered personal devices. This can be useful if you suspect that your cyber security is compromised and it has affected your personal device.

What does it mean to update drivers?

A driver is a type of software that enables your personal computer to communicate with hardware devices, like your mouse and keyboard. Drivers are automatically updated most of the time, but there can be bugs in each release, or a need to roll back a version. This is another important function that you can get help with, through our IT Helpline.

Operating system updates:

It’s important to keep your operating system updated for many reasons. One reason is to make sure that the latest security updates are working on your device. This is critical for when you need to submit a Cyber Rescue claim.

Resetting personal devices:

If you need to reset your personal device, this is something else that our IT Helpline can assist you with. You may need this service if your personal device crashes, or you may need a full device restoration if you have been a victim of a cyber attack, and your claim has successfully been processed through Cyber Rescue.

Will the IT Helpline support you with antivirus queries?

Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue customers receive an antivirus subscription, to protect personal devices. Our IT Helpline can assist you with activating the antivirus software on your device, applying the correct settings and making sure that the renewal goes through in time, for every periodical rollover that you keep your Cyber Rescue insurance.

What else can the IT Helpline provide?

Our technicians can assist you with other basic tasks like setting up your printer or running a backup of your data.

What’s not covered through the IT Helpline?

There are two specific areas that are not covered by our IT Helpline, even if you’re a Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue customer:

  • Software application issues
  • Physical damage to your covered device/s

Why doesn’t Cyber Rescue cover software issues?

Most software developers, including Microsoft and Google, provide independent support. It’s always best to go directly through these software providers to make sure that you’re not in breach of product terms of use, and that you’re getting the right kind of help specific to the software issue you’re experiencing. There are millions of software products out there, which complicates the situation when you need help and want to seek it outside of the forums provided by respective software providers.

If you’re not sure about a specific issue, you can contact the Helpline and one of our friendly experts will let you know if you need to contact your software provider for support.

Why doesn’t physical damage get covered?

Bidvest Insurance Cyber Rescue is a cyber insurance product, which means that it covers cyber-related damages. If you want cover for physical damage to your devices, you will need to consider a different kind of policy, like home contents insurance that covers devices

How do you reach the IT Helpline?

Call 0861 625 433 to contact our IT Helpline. For more important contact information, visit our website contact page.


Microsoft. 2021. Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware. Web page online. Available at: [Accessed 14 January 2021].

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