Minor Damage Cover For Your Possessions With TheftBuster Plus

The majority of South Africans have been victims of hijackings themselves. TheftBuster Plus protects you against a wide range of losses and expenses you might face when your car is stolen, hijacked, or involved in a smash-and-grab incident.

Your car gets stolen, but luckily you’ve had tracking technology installed. It’s simple to find and recover your hijacked or stolen vehicle. Your car, however, may not be returned in tip top condition. What then? TheftBuster Plus helps you fix any minor damages, without damaging your budget.

When the perfect blend of technology and lady luck is in your favour, the most favourable result is the safe return of your vehicle. More often than not, the ending isn’t as perfect as we would like it to be. Your vehicle might be found with minor damages that need to be repaired.

What is TheftBuster Plus?

At Bidvest Insurance, we believe in one specific goal: keeping you and your car safe. Vehicle insurance policies must cover your car to the maximum, especially in South Africa. TheftBuster Plus makes it easy. TheftBuster Plus protects you against a wide range of losses and expenses you might face when your car is stolen, hijacked, or involved in a smash-and-grab incident.

Car related crime in South Africa

  • On average, 45 cars are hijacked daily in South Africa. This equates to 1 car hijacking every 32 minutes.
  • Smash-and-grab incidents have increased year on year.
  • Smash and grabbers often target single drivers with belongings on the passenger seat.
  • Smash-and-grabs most often occur in areas where traffic is congested, or where vehicles remain stationary for a while. This means you need to be extra vigilant at intersections, when parking your car, or waiting to collect someone.

What cars are more likely to be hijacked?

Unfortunately, hijackings are becoming all too common in South Africa. If you drive one of the following vehicles which are considered to be at a ‘high-risk’ of getting hijacked and a tracking unit should be installed where possible:

  • VW Polo sedan & hatchback
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Toyota Etios
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Ford Ranger

Tips to avoid hijackings

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people in South Africa have either been victims of hijackings themselves, or know someone close to them who has.

Hijackers are usually opportunistic criminals who either want your car or your belongings and will do whatever it takes to get them. Here are some simple tips you can follow to reduce your chances of being hijacked:

  • Lock your doors: Before you adjust your seatbelt, aircon or radio, ensure your doors are locked.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings: Always ensure that you are aware of your surroundings. Be wary of people who approach you when you are stopped at a stop sign or traffic light. Make sure to check that you are not being followed home from work, shopping malls, or in the evenings after socialising.
  • Close your windows: Even a small gap can lead to trouble. Keep your windows closed when driving through areas where there is dense traffic.
  • Always keep valuables out of sight: If you’re going to keep valuables in your car, be sure to keep them hidden. As mentioned earlier, hijackers are often opportunistic criminals, they can’t steal what they don’t know is there. If you keep your valuables hidden, you’ll be less likely to fall victim to a hijacking. Never keep your laptop on the seat next to you, always keep your laptop hidden or stored in your boot before travelling.

Deal with the trauma of hijacking

A trauma response to a terrifying experience is considered to be a totally normal reaction. For most people, experiencing a traumatic event like a hijacking can overwhelm their usual coping capacity and negatively affect their daily life. Someone who has been a victim of a hijacking may feel anxious, scared, angry or depressed.

It’s important that you get the necessary help to deal with your trauma after experiencing such an event. The trauma of dealing with an event such as a smash-and-grab or a hijacking can be too much to bear alone. This is why with TheftBuster Plus, we cover trauma counselling for up to R2,000 so you can get the help that you need.

How does TheftBuster Stolen and Recovered (Minor damage) cover work?

When your stolen or hijacked vehicle is recovered, TheftBuster Plus will assist with any minor damage repair work it will need. Your Bidvest Insurance TheftBuster Plus policy covers you for a range of different body and vehicle repair work.

What am I covered for?

With TheftBuster Plus from Bidvest Insurance, you’re covered for:

  • Vehicle Keys and Remotes: You get up to R5,000 cover to replace your lost or damaged keys and remotes, if your stolen vehicle is recovered.
  • Door lock damage/replacement: If the door lock of your recovered vehicle is damaged, TheftBuster Plus gives you up to R5,000 to repair or replace the door lock.
  • Damage to vehicle interior: If the interior of your recovered vehicle is damaged, you get up to R5,000 for any repair work needed.
  • Damage to vehicle exterior: If the exterior of your repaired vehicle needs some repair work,TheftBuster Plus has you covered for up to R5,000.
  • Mechanical Damage: TheftBuster Plus covers your recovered vehicle for up to R6,000 for any mechanical repair work it needs.
  • Replacement of window glass: With TheftBuster Plus you get up to R4,000 cover to replace the broken window glass of your recovered vehicle.
  • Replacing window film: TheftBuster Plus gives you up to R2,000 cover for the replacement of your recovered vehicle’s window film.
  • Interior and exterior valet: TheftBuster Plus gives you up to R1,000 cover for a full valet service to get your car squeaky clean.
  • Crime scene vehicle clean up: Recovering your vehicle might not go smoothly. TheftBuster gives you up to R10,000 cover for any crime scene clean up your recovered vehicle will need.

How much does TheftBuster Plus cost?

Take advantage of great benefits at an affordable monthly premium. Get TheftBuster Plus from Bidvest Insurance for only R99 per month.

What other benefits does TheftBuster Plus offer?

Your stolen or hijacked car might be recovered, but some of your other possessions might not be. You may lose important documents, keys, and other personal items too. Bidvest Insurance TheftBuster Plus covers you for:

  • Car Hire: TheftBuster plus gives you up to R3,500 car hire so that your life can keep moving.
  • Trauma counselling: The trauma of dealing with an event such as a smash-and-grab or a hijacking can be too much to bear. We cover you for up to R2,000 for you to get the help that you need.
  • Personal Documents: Losing your licence, identity document, and other important documents comes with a lot of unexpected costs. We give you up to R1,000 to replace any personal documents lost.
  • Keys and Remotes: Your house or office keys and remotes might not be there when your vehicle is recovered. Bidvest Insurance covers you for up to R2,000 to replace your keys and remotes.
  • Cell phones: Our cellphones are our connection to our world, friends, work, and more. Losing your cellphone is an inconvenience none of us like to consider. In the event that your cell phone is not recovered with your vehicle, TheftBuster Plus covers you for up to R5,000.
  • Personal electronic devices: TheftBuster Plus covers you for up to R5,000,to replace any other personal electronic devices that might be lost as a result of a hijacking or a smash-and-grab incident.
  • Handbag cover: Losing your handbag can feel worse than losing your keys. You get up to R2,000 cover if your handbag is not returned with your vehicle.

Why should I buy Theftbuster Plus?

If you were the victim of a hijacking, smash-and-grab or your vehicle was stolen, have you considered the impact it would have on you, your finances or anyone else involved in the incident?

Theftbuster Plus helps get you and your loved ones back on track, by taking care of those annoying expenses when things go wrong. Items covered include:

  • Minor damage to your car
  • Window and glass film replacement
  • Door lock damage
  • Minor mechanical damage
  • Car key and remote replacement
  • Personal documents
  • Handbags, cellphone, and personal electronic devices
  • Car hire to keep you on the move

If you’re lucky enough to have your vehicle recovered, you’ll need to make sure it is in the condition it was before the incident. TheftBuster Plus from Bidvest Insurance will make sure your vehicle is repaired and in the best shape possible, no matter what happens.

To learn more about TheftBuster Plus, click here.

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